RRB Ahmedabad (www.rrbahmedabad.gov.in)

According to the latest update, the Railway Recruitment Board will release the result soon on the official website. The result will be uploaded only on the official website. Therefore, candidates are advised to check the website frequently to stay in touch with the latest updates. Additionally, according to the official website, all the information regarding the result date, exam, admit card will be on the website only. Therefore, candidates are requested not to believe in any information on social media. 

This year, the Railway Recruitment Board Ahmedabad exam was held, and there will be over 35,281 vacancies in the Nontechnical category. It included a clerk cum typist, accounts clerk, timekeeper, and good guards. Not only this, but it included positions for traffic master and traffic assistant. According to the information, over 1.25 core students applied for the exam.  

What are the Minimum Passing Marks for RRB Ahmedabad- How to Know the Passing Marks

The minimum passing marks in RRB Ahmedabad depend on the area of the field. For instance, in general, EWS’s minimum passing marks are 40%. Candidates are shortlisted if they score above 40%. The minimum passing mark for OBC and SC is 30%. The minimum passing mark for ST is 25%. Candidates who wish to apply for the above areas of the field should score at least above the average criteria. 

How is the RRB Ahmedabad Exam Held?

The Railway Recruitment Board Ahmedabad exam is held in two phases. When candidates fill the applications, they are shortlisted based on their grades and qualifications. Later, the first stage computer-based test is taken. Another computer-based test is taken for candidates who have qualified in the first round. 

How to Check the RRB Ahmedabad Exam Result?

This year, the RRB Ahmedabad exam was on 31st July 2021. According to the official authorities, the RRB Ahmedabad exam result will be announced on the official website. Candidates are advised to check the website and download the pdf file. The pdf file will include the roll number of candidates who have been shortlisted. Candidates can look for their roll number on the sheet to know their qualifying status. To access the scorecard, candidates need to use their login details like user id and date of birth. 

IPL 2022 Live Stream Guide, Schedule, Date, Time, Points Table, Venue, Tv Channel

If you are a cricket enthusiast, there is a chance you are already following the IPL 2022 schedule. Well, PIL 2022 is set to take place. Starting from 2-April till 3-June. The cricket match will be conducted in M.A Chidambaram Stadium Chennai on 2-April-2022.

According to the latest notification, the BCCI has added two teams before the IPL 2022 event. The IPL 2022 will take place in India. Although it is all set to take place in the first week of April, the dates are tentative and may change due to circumstances. This year, there will be up to 74 matches. The current winner of the IPL is the Chennai Super Kings. This time, the winner will get over 40 crore Indian rupees. According to the official website, as the number of teams has increased, there will be 74 matches this time.

EventIPL 2022
Date2 April - 3 June 2022
Total Team10
Match Played 74 matches
Defending WinnerChennai Super Kings
IPL Official Websitewww.iplt20.com

When is the IPL 2022 Cricket Match Starting- Here is Everything You Need to Know Regarding the IPL 2022 Schedule

The IPL 2022 schedule has been released recently. The event is all set to take place starting on 2-April-2022. There will be 74 T20 matches as there are ten teams currently. The matches will take place in different cities.

The Exact IPL 2022 Schedule Is Released on the Official Website 

The first match will be between CSK and KKR- the match will begin at 7:30 PM in Chennai. The second match will take place on the 3rd of April. It will be between SRH and RR. and in Hyderabad city. The third match will take place between Ahmedabad and RCH on 4 April-2022, and the match will take place in Ahmedabad.

On 5-April, a match between D.C and MI will take place in Delhi. The match will start at 7:30 PM. According to the official schedule regarding the IPL 2022, matches will take place between different cities regularly.

The first qualifier 1 match will be conducted on 29-May-2022 in Mumbai. The eliminator match will take place on 30-May-2022 in Mumbai. The qualifier-2 match will be held on 1-June-2022 in Chennai. The final and the last match will take place in Chennai. This match will be held on 3-June-2022 starting at 7:30 PM.

Up till now, the IPL 2022 schedule is fixed with a timetable and proper management. However, it is mentioned on the notification that the dates are tentative and may change due to crises.

Match NumberTeamDateTime (Indian)LocationTv Channel
1CSK Vs KKR02-04-20227:30 PMChennai
2SRH Vs RR03-04-20227:30 PMHyderabad
3Ahmedabad Vs RCB04-04-20227:30 PMAhmedabad
4DC Vs MI05-04-20227:30 PMDelhi
5Lucknow Vs PBKS06-04-227:30 PMMumbai
6KKR Vs SRH07-04-227:30 PMKolkata
7RR Vs DC08-04-227:30 PMJaipur
8RCB Vs MI09-04-223:30 PMBangalore
9Lucknow Vs Ahmedabad09-04-227:30 PMMumbai
10PBKS Vs CSK10-04-223:30 PMMohali
11SRH Vs RCB10-04-22 7:30 PMHyderabad
12MI Vs Ahmedabad11-04-227:30 PMMumbai
13DC Vs KKR12-04-227:30 PMDelhi
14CSK Vs RCB13-04-227:30 PMChennai
15SRH Vs PBKS14-04-22 3:30 PMHyderabad
16RR Vs KKR14-04-227:30 PMJaipur
17Lucknow Vs DC15-04-22 7:30 PMMumbai
18Ahmedabad Vs CSK16-04-223:30 PMAhmedabad
19DC Vs SRH16-04-227:30 PMDelhi
20RCB Vs RR17-04-22 3:30 PMBangalore
21MI Vs Lucknow17-04-227:30 PMMumbai
22KKR Vs Ahmedabad18-04-227:30 PMKolkata
23PBKS Vs RR19-04-227:30 PMMohali
24MI Vs CSK20-04-227:30 PMMumbai
25KKR Vs RCB21-04-227:30 PMKolkata
26DC Vs PBKS22-04-227:30 PMDelhi
27SRH Vs MI23-04-223:30 PMHyderabad
28RR Vs Ahmedabad23-04-227:30 PMJaipur
29CSK Vs Lucknow24-04-223:30 PMChennai
30DC Vs RCB24-04-227:30 PMDelhi
31Lucknow Vs CSK25-04-227:30 PMMumbai
32Ahmedabad Vs SRH26-04-227:30 PMAhmedabad
33KKR Vs PBKS27-04-227:30 PMKolkata
34RR Vs MI28-04-227:30 PMJaipur
35RCB Vs Lucknow29-04-227:30 PMBangalore
36Ahmedabad Vs DC30-04-223:30 PMAhmedabad
37MI Vs PBKS30-04-227:30 PMMumbai
38RR Vs Lucknow01-05-223:30 PMJaipur
39CSK Vs SRH01-05-227:30 PMChennai
40DC Vs Ahmedabad02-05-227:30 PMDelhi
41SRH Vs KKR03-05-227:30 PMHyderabad
42CSK Vs RR04-05-227:30 PMChennai
43Lucknow Vs MI05-05-227:30 PMMumbai
44Ahmedabad Vs KKR06-05-227:30 PMAhmedabad
45SRH Vs DC07-05-223:30 PMHyderabad
46RCB Vs PBKS07-05-227:30 PMBangalore
47KKR Vs CSK08-05-223:30 PMKolkata
48MI Vs DC08-05-22 7:30 PMMumbai
49RCB Vs Ahmedabad09-05-227:30 PMBangalore
50PBKS Vs Lucknow10-05-227:30 PMMohali
51RR Vs CSK11-05-227:30 PMJaipur
52PBKS Vs MI12-05-22 7:30 PMMohali
53SRH Vs Lucknow13-05-227:30 PMHyderabad
54RR Vs RCB14-05-227:30 PMJaipur
55CSK Vs DC15-05-223:30 PMChennai
56Ahmedabad Vs PBKS15-05-227:30 PMAhmedabad
57MI Vs SRH16-05-227:30 PMMumbai
58RCB Vs KKR17-05-227:30 PMBangalore
59PBKS Vs DC18-05-227:30 PMKolkata
60Ahmedabad Vs RR19-05-227:30 PMIndore
61KKR Vs MI20-05-227:30 PMKolkata
62Lucknow Vs SRH21-05-223:30 PMLucknow
63PBKS Vs RCB21-05-227:30 PMKolkata
64CSK Vs Ahmedabad22-05-223:30 PMChennai
65Lucknow Vs KKR22-05-227:30 PMLucknow
66MI Vs RR23-05-227:30 PMMumbai
67PBKS Vs SRH24-05-227:30 PMKolkata
68DC Vs Lucknow25-05-227:30 PMDelhi
69RCB Vs CSK26-05-227:30 PMBangalore
70KKR Vs RR27-05-227:30 PMKolkata
71Qualifier-129-05-227:30 PMMumbai
72Eliminator30-05-227:30 PMMumbai
73Qualifier-201-05-22 7:30 PMChennai
74FINAL03-05-227:30 PMChennai

Easy Way to Watch IPL 2022 Live Stream Online

IPL 2022 all match can be live streamed online on the official app and website of Disney+ Hotstar.

Did you know the Indian premier league is one of the most significant cricket leagues in the world? 

The IPL does not only include Indian cricketers but international ones as well. Previously, the Indian premier league was founded in 2007 by BCCI. in 2021, the Chennai super kings scored the highest and successfully won the game. This year, the IPL 2022 is the 15th season. Up till now, eight teams have played. But this year, the format of the game has changed a bit. This year, there will be ten teams, including Ahmedabad and Lucknow. Other than these two teams following are the IPL 2022 teams that will take part:

  • Chennai super kings
  • Delhi capitals
  • Kolkata knight riders
  • Mumbai Indians
  • Punjab kings
  • Rajasthan Royals
  • Royal challengers
  • Bangalore
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad

This year, renowned names like David Warner, Rashid Khan, Shreyas Iyer, Hardik Pandya, Ishan Kishan, and many others are participating in the game.

What are the IPL 2022 Retention Rules and is the IPL 2022 Auction Purse Value of the teams? 

This year, the new teams have a chance to target three players, including two domestic players and one overseas.

  • Punjab Kings- 72 crore
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad- 68 crore
  • Rajasthan Royals- 62 crore
  • Royal challengers Bangalore- 57 crore
  • Mumbai Indians- 48 crore
  • Chennai super kings- 48 crore
  • Kolkata knight riders- 48 crore
  • Delhi capitals- 47.5 crore
  • Lucknow- 90 crore
  • Ahmedabad – 90 crore

Despite the covid 19 pandemic, this year is a busy year for the Indian cricket team. The national cricket team will feature over 74 matches and tournaments. Apart from their Indian premier league, the Indian cricket team will go to South Africa for two remaining tests and three one-day internationals.

Later, the Indian team will host the South African cricket team for their five-match T20 series. It will be followed by a tour starting in England in July.

Previously, the Indian cricket team won the ICC trophy in 2013. This time, all eyes are on the Indian cricket team and their performance. The men in blue are in the hopes to bring the ICC trophy home this time.

Did you know the IPL 2022 has a fixed salary cap for each team? This time, the IPL 2022 has announced a fixed salary cap for participating teams, including 90 crores. Moreover, no team will be allowed to spend over the announced limit. It means a 90 crore budget is allowed for the participating teams.

IPL 2022 Schedule- All the Important Dates at a Glance 2022

  • IPL 2022 Schedule- From 2 April 2022 to 3 June 2022 (tentative)
  • Host- Indian Premier league
  • Host country- India
  • Administer- board of control for cricket in India (BCCI)
  • format – T20 (T20 Over Cricket League Match)
  • Opening Match- 27 March 2022
  • Final- 21 May 2022
  • Participants Team- 10
  • Total Matches 70 to 75

How did COVID 19 Pandemic Impact the Mega Auction 2021

Previously, the mega auction was set to be held in the second week of february 2021. However, due to the surge in COVID 19 cases, the event was postponed.

RRB NTPC Result 2022 – Check CBT 1 Results rrbcdg.gov.in, Phase 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

According to the latest notification, the RRB NTPC result 2021 will declare on the 15 January 2022. The Railway Recruitment Board announced the RRB NTPC result date. Students who qualified in the first RRB NTPC CBT 1 will shortlist for another CPT test scheduled on 14-February-2022. This exam begins from 14-February-2022 to 18-February-2022. 

The Railway Recruitment Board Exam Pattern and Essential Details

Although the exam is all set, it is still subjected to the COVID 19 pandemic. The dates are tentative and may vary. All candidates are requested to check the latest notifications on the official website. The RRB NTPC Result will update on the official website www.rrbald.gov.in. Before, the exams took place from 28-December-2021 to 31-July-2021. 

The exam has seven phases and had filled up over 35,208 vacancies. The exam is taken in 15 languages, including English, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Manipuri, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Urdu. One mark is awarded on every correct answer. 0.25 marks are deducted on every incorrect choice. Therefore, students are advised to be careful while marking options as there is negative marking. 

Additionally, it is essential to know that the RRB NTPC result is released separately for different stages of examinations. The scorecard consists of an overall score, obtained score, and cut-off marks. The RRB NTPC 2021 result of CBT-1 was announced on 28-December-2021. Later, the second phase of CBT-1 was announced from 16-January-2021 to 30-January-2021, and so on. 

The RRB NTPC CBT result will announce on 15-January-2022. And the CBT 2 exam will be announced from 14-February-2022 to 18-February-2022. According to the latest notification made on 5-December-2021, the RRB NTPC result will release on 15-January-2022. But, the date is tentative and may change accordingly. The RRBP NTPC result for CBPT 1 examination will be available in PDF downloadable format. The merit list will be available on the official website. Students who have scored the least marks will be allowed to appear in the CBT 2 examination. The dates for CBT 2 exam will be announced by SSC later on. 

RRB NTPC Result 2022


Organisation Railway Recruitment Board
Exam Name RRB NTPC CBT-1
Posts Name State Service & Subordinate Posts
Vacancies 35,208
RRB NTPC Result Date 15th January 2022
Total No. of Applicants 1,26,30,885
Official website http://www.rrbcdg.gov.in/

A Guide on How to Check the RRB NTPC Result 2022

The RRB NTPC result 2021 will be announced on 15 January 2022. Interested candidates can check their results on the official website by following the steps below.

  • Visit the rrbcdg.gov.in
  • On the homepage, select the results option in the top left corner.
  • Choose RRB NTPC results in 2020 2021 given on the home page. 
  • As you click on it, the window will navigate to a window where a PDF file is displayed. 
  • Search for your registration number. As a shortcut press, Ctrl+F and your registration number will shortlist. 

If you can find your registration number. Then you have successfully qualified the first round of candidates. You may download the RRB NTPC result 2022 pdf file so you can use it offline. 

What is the RRB NTPC 2021 Minimum Passing Percentage

The minimum percentage of eligibility marks is as follows. In the category UR, the minimum passing percentage is 40%, candidates scoring below it will be disqualified. For EWS, the passing ratio is 40%. For OBC, 30%. For SC 30% and ST 25%. 

What to recover your account if you have forgotten or lost your registration number?

Losing or forgetting about your account details happens frequently. And there is nothing to worry about as you can recover your account. By following the steps, you can recover the RRB NTPC registration number. 

  • Visit the official website of your regional zone. 
  • Search the link RRB CEN-1/ 2021 Result. 
  • You will navigate to another window. 
  • Click on the forget registration number. And forget the password and click on submit. 
  • You will be asked to fill in all the essential details to get your registration number, 
  • A one-time password also referred to as OTP, will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the OPT code and click submit. 

After entering the OTP code, the registration number is sent to the registered email address. Check the email and view the details. 

RRB NTPC Regions RRB NTPC Result Link
RRB Ahmedabad NTPC Result www.rrbahmedabad.gov.in
RRB Ajmer NTPC Result 2021 www.rrbajmer.gov.in
RRB Allahabad NTPC Result 2021 www.rrbald.gov.in
RRB Bangalore NTPC Result 2021 www.rrbbnc.gov.in
RRB Bhopal NTPC Result 2021 www.rrbbhopal.gov.in
RRB Bhubaneshwar NTPC Result 2021 www.rrbbbs.gov.in
RRB Bilaspur NTPC Result 2021 www.rrbbilaspur.gov.in
RRB Chandigarh NTPC Result 2021 www.rrbcdg.gov.in
RRB Chennai NTPC Result 2021 www.rrbchennai.gov.in
RRB Gorakhpur NTPC Result 2021 www.rrbgkp.gov.in
RRB Guwahati NTPC Result 2021 www.rrbguwahati.gov.in
RRB Jammu-Srinagar NTPC Result 2021 www.rrbjammu.nic.in
RRB Kolkata NTPC Result 2021 www.rrbkolkata.gov.in
RRB Malda NTPC Result 2021 www.rrbmalda.gov.in
RRB Mumbai NTPC Result 2021 www.rrbmumbai.gov.in
RRB Muzaffarpur NTPC Result 2021 www.rrbmuzaffarpur.gov.in
RRB Patna NTPC Result 2021 www.rrbpatna.gov.in
RRB Ranchi NTPC Result 2021 www.rrbranchi.gov.in
RRB Secunderabad NTPC Result 2021 www.rrbsecunderabad.nic.in
RRB Siliguri NTPC Result 2021 www.rrbsiliguri.gov.in
RRB Trivandrum NTPC Result 2021 www.rrbthiruvananthapuram.gov.in

Important Information Regarding the RRB NTPC Result

After the candidates are shortlisted in the first CBT 1 result, they need to qualify for the CBT 2 examination to complete the recruitment procedure. According to the latest update, the exam is set to take place, starting from the 14th of February till the 18th of February 2022. 

Every year the RRB NTPC selection procedure differs from this year. This year the system has changed, and now, candidates will be shortlisted based on the following methods. 

A computer-based test referred to as CBT 1 will be taken. After the candidates have shortlisted the first round, they will be asked for the second computer-based test referred to as CBT 2. Once they have qualified for this round, another typing skill test will take place. 

After this, shortlisted candidates will be asked for original documents. Document verification will take place. A medical fitness report is required for the completion of the recruitment process. 

The RRB NTPC result will be released after the examination has been conducted. Candidates who have cleared the CBT 2 examination will be asked to check their CBT results in a few months. The RRB NTPC result date for CCBT 2 will be announced on the official website. Shortlisted candidates are advised to check the official websites to stay in touch. 

If you or someone you know desires to join the RRB NTPC 2021 recruitment procedure, you must pass the previous stages of the examination. Interviews will be of candidates who have cleared the main and preliminary exams. 

Details Mentioned on the RRB NTPC Result Card

The Railway Recruitment Board NTPC result will be announced on the official website. With the result, the following details will be given.

  • Candidates names
  • Raw Prorated rated score.
  • Normalized score
  • Qualifying grade
  • Roll number and registration number

Candidates are requested to check all the details mentioned on the scorecard. In case of any spelling error, contact the official website helpline, and they will get it corrected. 

RSMSSB VDO Admit card & Exam date 2021

According to the latest notification, the Rajasthan Subordinate and Ministerial Services Selection Board are ready to conduct an exam on 27th and 28th December 2021. Recently RSMSSB VDO admit card and exam date were released on the official website. As per the website, the exam is confirmed for the last week of December. Soon the admit cards will be available for download. Eligible candidates can thereby view their admit cards and download them. 

This year, the Rajasthan Subordinate and Ministerial Services Selection Board released the recruitment plan on 9-September-2021. As per authorities, this year’s recruitment is for 3896 posts. Around 3222 are secured for non-scheduled areas, and over 674 are kept for scheduled areas. The RSMSSB VDO registration began earlier this year where hundreds of candidates applied. Over millions of candidates fully participated, and now candidates must wait for their RSMSSB VDO admit card and exam date. 

Although the exam date has been announced, the admit cards are still on hold. The admit cards will be released around 10 to 15 days before the exam. The RSMSSB registration took place from 10-September-2021 to 9-October-2021. Hundreds of candidates took part in it. According to the official website, the RSMSSB admit card will be released at least 15 days before the exam. 

Everything You Must Know Regarding the RSMSSB Exam Date and Timings 

The RSMSSB exam will take place on two days. Each day will have two shifts. On 27-12-2021, the first shift will take place in the morning. The time duration will be two hours, and it will start from 10 AM to 12 PM. The second shift will take place in the evening. 

The time duration will be the same as the first one, and it will start from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM. Similarly, on 28-December, the first shift will take place in the morning, starting around 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. whereas the second shift will take place from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM. 

However, the RSMSSB VDO exam is set to happen at the end of December. The date is tentative and may change due to uncertain circumstances. 

How to Download the RSMSSB VDO Exam Admit Card and Exam Date

  • To download the RSMSSB VDO exam admit card, visit the official website www.rsmssb.rajasthan.gov.in
  • The next step is to look for a download admit card 2021. 
  • After you search for RSMSSB VDO admit card, click on download admit card village development officer 2021. 
  • Use your details to log in. 

After you have successfully logged in, you will now be able to see your admit card 2021. 

What Are The Details Mentioned on the RSMSSB VDO Admit card 2021

According to the official notifications, the details mentioned on RSMSSB VDO admit card 2021 are fathers’ name, mothers’ name, a category that you have applied for, date of birth, a passport size photograph, the exam date. Additionally, it will also have details like exam time and center address. 

Candidates are advised to match all the details mentioned on the admit card. In case of any spelling errors, you must contact the official authorities. They are going to get it resolved for you. Furthermore, candidates must bring a photo identity proof card, including a driving license, pan card, voter ID card, and passport. Along with the RSMSSB village development officer admit card. Candidates are requested to bring a hard copy of the admit card as no pdf file will be considered. 

The RSMSSB VDO Admit Card and Exam date- Examination Schedule

According to the latest update, the admit cards will be issued soon. Candidates are requested to download the online hall tickets through the official website. They are advised to stay vigilant regarding the latest updates. RSMSSB VDO exam date and admit card information will only be shared on the official website. Therefore, candidates should always cross-check regarding any information they find online. 

Therefore, all the authentic information will be announced on the official website only. Candidates can download the RSMSSB VDO admit card from the website by entering the registration number. Additionally entering the fee token number is mandatory to view the admit card. 

According to Rajasthan Subordinate and Ministerial Services Selection Board, interested candidates will be shortlisted in two phases. The first shortlisting will take place with a preliminary examination. Candidates who score well in the first round will be eligible to enter the second round. 

The second phase will occur shortly after the first one, where more candidates will be shortlisted thereby. The second phase consists of the main exam. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend it. According to the official sources, the main exam will take place in February 2022. Shortlisted candidates will be selected for the final stage of selection that is the interview. Even though the Rajasthan Village Development Officers applications were accepted till 9 October 2021 however, later, the date was extended to 11-October-2021. 

Important Details Regarding the Rajasthan Village Development Officer Recruitment 2021

This year, over 4000 jobs were posted by RSMSSB. These job posts were for Village Development Officers. Interested candidates were advised to apply during the last week of September. Later, candidates were shortlisted and called for the preliminary exam. The main exam is ready to occur in two months. The final round for shortlisting candidates will be by one on one interviews.

Bihar Police SI Exam Date 2021

Recently, the Bihar Police Subordinate Services Commission has released the official notification regarding the Bihar Police SI exam date 2021. The exam schedule is updated on the official website www.bpsc.bih.nic.in. According to the latest notification, the exam will take place on 26th December 2021. The exam will take place in two shifts. Candidates who applied for the recruitment process online will be shortlisted for the exam. 

As advised by experts, the Bihar Police SI Recruitment 2021 exam will be difficult. And candidates must work hard to excel in the examination. It is because there is vast competition. Candidates who will qualify for the main written exam will be shortlisted further. The Bihar Police SI started accepting online applications one month to avoid mishaps. Furthermore, over 2213 vacancies were opened for the SI post this year, including Sergeant BY BPSSC. On 26-December, a written exam will take place. The Bihar Police SI exam date was released on the official website on 23-October-2021. 

According to the latest updates, the official admit card will be released at least 10 days before the examination. Candidates need to keep an eye on the official website to be aware of the notifications. 

Bihar Police SI Exam- Paper Pattern and How Candidates Can Prepare for it 

To excel in Bihar Police SI Exam, candidates need to go through the exam pattern beforehand. They must be familiar with the paper pattern and how they need to complete it in the given time. For a better outcome, candidates need to practice sample papers and mock tests. The Combined Preliminary Written Exam 2021 will have 100 questions. The time duration is 2 hours, and the subjects will be general knowledge and current affairs.

The most prominent factor about the paper pattern is that the questions will be multiple choice based. Candidates need to select the answer that they are 100% sure of. For every wrong answer, there will be a negative marking. 0.2 marks will be deducted for every wrong choice. The minimum qualifying score is 30%. 

After a written exam, shortlisted candidates will undergo a physical ability exam where their physical examination will take place. After this, the candidates will be shortlisted for the options available in the Bihar Police Department. The selection is based on their overall performance. 

The Bihar Police SI Exam 2021 will be an online test. Therefore, the computer-based test will take two hours to complete. 

There will be 100 multiple-choice questions. To download the Bihar Police SI admit cards, candidates need to download them from the official website. To download the admit card, candidates need to enter their registration number and date of birth. After doing so, the admit card will be downloaded. Candidates can get multiple copies of it. 

Previously, 2213 vacancies were released in 2020, and 1998 vacancies were for sub-inspector posts, and 198 posts were for sergeant posts. In August 2020, the Bihar Police SI started accepting applications all across the province. This time, the selection process depends upon three factors, including the prelims exam, main exam, and an interview. Candidates who will qualify in all three exams will be final selected candidates.

RRB Group D Mock Test 2022

Solving RRB Group D past papers helps students excel in their question-solving skills. They become better in time management, get a thorough idea of the exam paper and their areas of weaknesses. However, there is another element that helps candidates in giving the RRB Group D exam and that is the RRB Group D mock tests. 

Solving the RRB Group D mock tests gives candidates an edge over the other students. Since candidates are now preparing for the exam in full swing, the RRB Group D mock tests help them get better. Candidates are advised to revise regularly by solving the RRB Group D mock tests. 

What are the Benefits of Solving the RRB Group D Mock Test?

The RRB Group D mock test comes with several advantages. One of the most significant advantages of the RRB Group D is it helps in giving them a better understanding. After solving the mock tests, candidates can know where they stand and how their preparation is so far. 

 After preparing, candidates can revise by solving the RRB Group D mock tests. The online mock test series give a clear idea of which section is easy and difficult. It helps them analyze their areas of weaknesses and strengths. The RRB Group D mock tests help in time management, question selection, and speed. 

Not only this, the RRB Group D mock test comes with detailed solutions. So once students finish the paper, they can check the exam by going through the question and answers guide. 

The more candidates solve the RRB Group D mock tests, the better they become and have a better chance to excel in the upcoming examination. As a year, the Railway Recruitment Board announced over 1,03,769 vacancies. With that many vacancies, there is tough competition as well. Scoring well on the RRB Group D exam is not easy, and therefore, solving RRB Group D mock tests is a way to help you score better in the exams. 

The RRB Group D Mock Test Pattern

The RRB Group D mock test paper pattern is precise and accurate. It is the same as the original exam. The paper consists of various subjects, including mathematics, general intelligence and reasoning, and general science. It also contains a section for general awareness and current affairs. The total is 100 marks and the time duration is 90 minutes. Each section is MCQ-based. One-third of the mark is deducted on every wrong answer. Therefore, there is a negative marking. 

How To Give RRB Group D Mock Tests

Mostly, interested candidates are not aware of how to solve the RRB Group D mock tests. Well, not to worry as it is pretty simple. By following the steps below, you can solve the RRB Group D mock tests in no time. 

Firstly, search for RRB Group D mock tests for free online. Look for websites that are providing question papers and that too, free of costs. 

  • Click on select exam and select railway RRB group D. 
  • Now select full tests. 
  • Select the test you wish to take. 
  • Click on start the test. 
  • When you are ready, read the instructions thoroughly before solving them.

Bihar Police SI Admit Card 2021 – How to Download

According to the latest notification, the Bihar Commission Candidates Recruitment ordinates services commission has released the admit cards on 10-December-2021. Eligible candidates can download the admit cards through the official website. The exams are all set to take place from 12-December-2021 in two shifts. 

Previously, the exams had to take place early. However, due to some circumstances, they got delayed. This year, 2213 vacancies were released by the Bihar Police SI recruitment. With this much competition, candidates are advised to prepare thoroughly for the exam. 

The Bihar Police SI Exam: An Overview 

The Bihar Police Recruitment vacancy details are such that there are 724 seats for general in sub-inspector 280 in BC, 387 in EBC 58 in BC Female, and 199 in EWS. Similarly, the total seats for a sergeant are 86 in general, 26 in BC, 39 in EBC, 7 in BC female, and 21 in EWS. The physical eligibility criteria for men is that their height should be at least 163 cm and chest of 84 cm. They are eligible to walk at least 25 kilometers in 4 hours. And can do a high jump for at least 4 feet and 6 inches. 

On the other hand, the physical criteria for females are that their height should be at least 150 cm. They can do a high jump of 3 feet and a long jump of 9 feet. Furthermore, they can walk at least 14 kilometers in four hours. 

Candidates compelling to the criteria stated above will be shortlisted. 

How to Download the Bihar Police SI Admit Card 2021

To download the Bihar Police SI Admit Card 2021, students are advised to follow the steps below. 

  • Visit the official website www.bpsc.bih.nic.in
  • Select BPSC Bihar Police SI Admit card 2021. 
  • Login by entering your details and clicking on submit. 
  • Once you have successfully logged in, your admit card will be displayed on the screen. 
  • You may download the pdf file and get multiple prints for later usage.

COVID 19 and the Bihar Police SI Exam

The Bihar Police SI exam will take place in two shifts and offline mode. Candidates are advised to bring multiple copies of their Bihar Police SI Exam admit cards. In case if they lose it, they have an extra hard copy of it. Moreover, candidates are requested to reach the venue at least one hour before starting the exam. 

Moreover, if a candidate doesn’t have a hard copy of the Bihar Police SI Exam admit card, they will not be allowed to enter the exam hall. Additionally, compelling the COVID19 guidelines is essential. Students should wear a face mask and carry a hand sanitizer along with them. They are advised to maintain social distancing at all times. Moreover, candidates are informed that due to the traffic on the website, sometimes the website might take time to open. And candidates don’t need to worry about it. They can download the admit card some other time when there is less traffic on the website. You may refresh the website continuously.

RRB Group D Previous Year Question Papers PDF Download

According to the experts, candidates interested in giving the RRB Group D exam this year must practice previous year’s past papers. By going through RRB Group D’s previous year’s question papers, you will have a proper idea of the paper pattern and which type of questions usually come. Not only this, it gives you a solid idea of the difficulty level and helps you practice time management. 

Candidates can use RRB Group D’s previous year’s question papers for time management. They can solve one paper every week by using an alarm clock. It will help them manage time, and if they are slow, they can fasten up their writing. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the RRB Group D exams were scheduled earlier this year. However, they got postponed as another wave of COVDI 19 began. 

The Railway Recruitment Board conducts the RRB Group D in an online mode. Students from all over India can apply for the exam. This time, there are over 1,03,769 vacancies. Over the years, the RRB Group D exam paper pattern has changed. To prepare for the best, you must be aware of this years’ RRB Group D exam question paper. The RRB Group D selection criteria depend on three factors, including computer-based tests, physical efficacy tests, and document verification. 

The first phase of the exam is the computer-based test. Students will be selected based on the following subjects such as mathematics, general intelligence and reasoning, science and awareness, and current affairs. Each subject carries 25 marks and has 25 questions. The total of the computer-based exam is 100 marks. However, on every wrong answer, ⅓ marks are deducted. 

Four Benefits of Solving RRB Group D Exam Question Paper

  • The first and the foremost benefit of solving the RRB Group D Exam question paper is that it gives students a thorough idea of how the paper will look like. It gives them a better understanding and helps them face challenges better. 
  • Candidates get an idea of what to expect in the exam. 
  • By attempting all the questions, candidates can become better at time management. It helps them build a proper test-taking strategy. 
  • The last benefit of solving the RRB Group D question paper is that it gives students a reality check on which areas they are weak in. 
  •  it makes students know which areas they are weak in. 

What is the Best Way to Attempt the RRB Group D Question Paper?

Nevertheless, solving the RRB Group D question paper is not easy. Candidates must follow the steps below. 

  • Firstly, you must read the instructions and go through the entire paper before solving it.
  • Create a mental stage to attempt the question paper. 
  • Before solving, decide which questions you plan to skip and which questions you are best. 
  • Never solve questions you are unsure of. It is because the RRB Group Exam has negative markings. It is a better idea to solve questions you are sure of. 
  • Once you complete the paper, always recheck it. 
  • Mark the questions that you did not know the answer to. Look for it in the book and try to become better at it.