IPL 2022 Live Stream Guide, Schedule, Date, Time, Points Table, Venue, Tv Channel

If you are a cricket enthusiast, there is a chance you are already following the IPL 2022 schedule. Well, PIL 2022 is set to take place. Starting from 2-April till 3-June. The cricket match will be conducted in M.A Chidambaram Stadium Chennai on 2-April-2022.

According to the latest notification, the BCCI has added two teams before the IPL 2022 event. The IPL 2022 will take place in India. Although it is all set to take place in the first week of April, the dates are tentative and may change due to circumstances. This year, there will be up to 74 matches. The current winner of the IPL is the Chennai Super Kings. This time, the winner will get over 40 crore Indian rupees. According to the official website, as the number of teams has increased, there will be 74 matches this time.

EventIPL 2022
Date2 April - 3 June 2022
Total Team10
Match Played 74 matches
Defending WinnerChennai Super Kings
IPL Official Websitewww.iplt20.com

When is the IPL 2022 Cricket Match Starting- Here is Everything You Need to Know Regarding the IPL 2022 Schedule

The IPL 2022 schedule has been released recently. The event is all set to take place starting on 2-April-2022. There will be 74 T20 matches as there are ten teams currently. The matches will take place in different cities.

The Exact IPL 2022 Schedule Is Released on the Official Website 

The first match will be between CSK and KKR- the match will begin at 7:30 PM in Chennai. The second match will take place on the 3rd of April. It will be between SRH and RR. and in Hyderabad city. The third match will take place between Ahmedabad and RCH on 4 April-2022, and the match will take place in Ahmedabad.

On 5-April, a match between D.C and MI will take place in Delhi. The match will start at 7:30 PM. According to the official schedule regarding the IPL 2022, matches will take place between different cities regularly.

The first qualifier 1 match will be conducted on 29-May-2022 in Mumbai. The eliminator match will take place on 30-May-2022 in Mumbai. The qualifier-2 match will be held on 1-June-2022 in Chennai. The final and the last match will take place in Chennai. This match will be held on 3-June-2022 starting at 7:30 PM.

Up till now, the IPL 2022 schedule is fixed with a timetable and proper management. However, it is mentioned on the notification that the dates are tentative and may change due to crises.

Match NumberTeamDateTime (Indian)LocationTv Channel
1CSK Vs KKR02-04-20227:30 PMChennai
2SRH Vs RR03-04-20227:30 PMHyderabad
3Ahmedabad Vs RCB04-04-20227:30 PMAhmedabad
4DC Vs MI05-04-20227:30 PMDelhi
5Lucknow Vs PBKS06-04-227:30 PMMumbai
6KKR Vs SRH07-04-227:30 PMKolkata
7RR Vs DC08-04-227:30 PMJaipur
8RCB Vs MI09-04-223:30 PMBangalore
9Lucknow Vs Ahmedabad09-04-227:30 PMMumbai
10PBKS Vs CSK10-04-223:30 PMMohali
11SRH Vs RCB10-04-22 7:30 PMHyderabad
12MI Vs Ahmedabad11-04-227:30 PMMumbai
13DC Vs KKR12-04-227:30 PMDelhi
14CSK Vs RCB13-04-227:30 PMChennai
15SRH Vs PBKS14-04-22 3:30 PMHyderabad
16RR Vs KKR14-04-227:30 PMJaipur
17Lucknow Vs DC15-04-22 7:30 PMMumbai
18Ahmedabad Vs CSK16-04-223:30 PMAhmedabad
19DC Vs SRH16-04-227:30 PMDelhi
20RCB Vs RR17-04-22 3:30 PMBangalore
21MI Vs Lucknow17-04-227:30 PMMumbai
22KKR Vs Ahmedabad18-04-227:30 PMKolkata
23PBKS Vs RR19-04-227:30 PMMohali
24MI Vs CSK20-04-227:30 PMMumbai
25KKR Vs RCB21-04-227:30 PMKolkata
26DC Vs PBKS22-04-227:30 PMDelhi
27SRH Vs MI23-04-223:30 PMHyderabad
28RR Vs Ahmedabad23-04-227:30 PMJaipur
29CSK Vs Lucknow24-04-223:30 PMChennai
30DC Vs RCB24-04-227:30 PMDelhi
31Lucknow Vs CSK25-04-227:30 PMMumbai
32Ahmedabad Vs SRH26-04-227:30 PMAhmedabad
33KKR Vs PBKS27-04-227:30 PMKolkata
34RR Vs MI28-04-227:30 PMJaipur
35RCB Vs Lucknow29-04-227:30 PMBangalore
36Ahmedabad Vs DC30-04-223:30 PMAhmedabad
37MI Vs PBKS30-04-227:30 PMMumbai
38RR Vs Lucknow01-05-223:30 PMJaipur
39CSK Vs SRH01-05-227:30 PMChennai
40DC Vs Ahmedabad02-05-227:30 PMDelhi
41SRH Vs KKR03-05-227:30 PMHyderabad
42CSK Vs RR04-05-227:30 PMChennai
43Lucknow Vs MI05-05-227:30 PMMumbai
44Ahmedabad Vs KKR06-05-227:30 PMAhmedabad
45SRH Vs DC07-05-223:30 PMHyderabad
46RCB Vs PBKS07-05-227:30 PMBangalore
47KKR Vs CSK08-05-223:30 PMKolkata
48MI Vs DC08-05-22 7:30 PMMumbai
49RCB Vs Ahmedabad09-05-227:30 PMBangalore
50PBKS Vs Lucknow10-05-227:30 PMMohali
51RR Vs CSK11-05-227:30 PMJaipur
52PBKS Vs MI12-05-22 7:30 PMMohali
53SRH Vs Lucknow13-05-227:30 PMHyderabad
54RR Vs RCB14-05-227:30 PMJaipur
55CSK Vs DC15-05-223:30 PMChennai
56Ahmedabad Vs PBKS15-05-227:30 PMAhmedabad
57MI Vs SRH16-05-227:30 PMMumbai
58RCB Vs KKR17-05-227:30 PMBangalore
59PBKS Vs DC18-05-227:30 PMKolkata
60Ahmedabad Vs RR19-05-227:30 PMIndore
61KKR Vs MI20-05-227:30 PMKolkata
62Lucknow Vs SRH21-05-223:30 PMLucknow
63PBKS Vs RCB21-05-227:30 PMKolkata
64CSK Vs Ahmedabad22-05-223:30 PMChennai
65Lucknow Vs KKR22-05-227:30 PMLucknow
66MI Vs RR23-05-227:30 PMMumbai
67PBKS Vs SRH24-05-227:30 PMKolkata
68DC Vs Lucknow25-05-227:30 PMDelhi
69RCB Vs CSK26-05-227:30 PMBangalore
70KKR Vs RR27-05-227:30 PMKolkata
71Qualifier-129-05-227:30 PMMumbai
72Eliminator30-05-227:30 PMMumbai
73Qualifier-201-05-22 7:30 PMChennai
74FINAL03-05-227:30 PMChennai

Easy Way to Watch IPL 2022 Live Stream Online

IPL 2022 all match can be live streamed online on the official app and website of Disney+ Hotstar.

Did you know the Indian premier league is one of the most significant cricket leagues in the world? 

The IPL does not only include Indian cricketers but international ones as well. Previously, the Indian premier league was founded in 2007 by BCCI. in 2021, the Chennai super kings scored the highest and successfully won the game. This year, the IPL 2022 is the 15th season. Up till now, eight teams have played. But this year, the format of the game has changed a bit. This year, there will be ten teams, including Ahmedabad and Lucknow. Other than these two teams following are the IPL 2022 teams that will take part:

  • Chennai super kings
  • Delhi capitals
  • Kolkata knight riders
  • Mumbai Indians
  • Punjab kings
  • Rajasthan Royals
  • Royal challengers
  • Bangalore
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad

This year, renowned names like David Warner, Rashid Khan, Shreyas Iyer, Hardik Pandya, Ishan Kishan, and many others are participating in the game.

What are the IPL 2022 Retention Rules and is the IPL 2022 Auction Purse Value of the teams? 

This year, the new teams have a chance to target three players, including two domestic players and one overseas.

  • Punjab Kings- 72 crore
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad- 68 crore
  • Rajasthan Royals- 62 crore
  • Royal challengers Bangalore- 57 crore
  • Mumbai Indians- 48 crore
  • Chennai super kings- 48 crore
  • Kolkata knight riders- 48 crore
  • Delhi capitals- 47.5 crore
  • Lucknow- 90 crore
  • Ahmedabad – 90 crore

Despite the covid 19 pandemic, this year is a busy year for the Indian cricket team. The national cricket team will feature over 74 matches and tournaments. Apart from their Indian premier league, the Indian cricket team will go to South Africa for two remaining tests and three one-day internationals.

Later, the Indian team will host the South African cricket team for their five-match T20 series. It will be followed by a tour starting in England in July.

Previously, the Indian cricket team won the ICC trophy in 2013. This time, all eyes are on the Indian cricket team and their performance. The men in blue are in the hopes to bring the ICC trophy home this time.

Did you know the IPL 2022 has a fixed salary cap for each team? This time, the IPL 2022 has announced a fixed salary cap for participating teams, including 90 crores. Moreover, no team will be allowed to spend over the announced limit. It means a 90 crore budget is allowed for the participating teams.

IPL 2022 Schedule- All the Important Dates at a Glance 2022

  • IPL 2022 Schedule- From 2 April 2022 to 3 June 2022 (tentative)
  • Host- Indian Premier league
  • Host country- India
  • Administer- board of control for cricket in India (BCCI)
  • format – T20 (T20 Over Cricket League Match)
  • Opening Match- 27 March 2022
  • Final- 21 May 2022
  • Participants Team- 10
  • Total Matches 70 to 75

How did COVID 19 Pandemic Impact the Mega Auction 2021

Previously, the mega auction was set to be held in the second week of february 2021. However, due to the surge in COVID 19 cases, the event was postponed.

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