How Nick Walker Trains Legs 18 Weeks Out From The 2023 Mr. Olympia Contest

The Mr. Olympia competition is set for November 2-5, 2023 in Las Vegas. The reigning Mr. Olympia live Hadi Choopan is set to defend his title against 2022 Mr. Olympia second-place finisher Derek Lunsford and Samson Dauda of the 2023 Arnold Classic. Also in attendance will be two-time Mr. Olympia Mamdouh Elssbiay (aka “Big Ramy”) Elssbiay as well as 2022 Mr. Olympia Bronze-medallist Nick Walker.

Walker’s physique is being elevated by adding more muscle mass to his quads and enhancing his aesthetic. Walker revealed in a July 1, 2023 training session how he is packing bulk on his Quads. He has 18 weeks left to step onto the bodybuilding stage. Walker posted the video below of his Leg Session at Dragon’s Lair Gym, which took place on July 6,2023.

Walker was 290 lbs two weeks after his above-mentioned training session. Walker began the session with lying leg curls, even though the quads were the main focus. This was to make sure that the Hamstrings received enough attention.

First, the legs were pressed on the lower part of the platform. Walker is able to achieve more knee flexibility by placing his feet at shoulder width lower on the platform. This allows him to work his quads fully extended. Walker didn’t specify the weight of his upper set but he was seen with 8 45-pound plates each on either side, totaling 720 pounds.

You can control your weight
Walker then performed the hack squat to train the quads again in the lengthened position. This was achieved by as much knee extension as possible. Walker attributes his success in growing quads to the “controlling of weight”. While contracting as many muscles as possible, while moving through ‘s full range of motion was necessary for Walker, it wasn’t the only factor that mattered.

Bigger pumps mean bigger muscles.

Walker dropped only his knees to 90 degrees after he had hit his desired rep range for the Hack Squat. Walker’s goal is to achieve a significant pump. This implies that more blood will flow to the targeted muscle group. More blood means more nutrients and growth, according to Walker.

Reduce the weight and contract your muscles as much as possible.

Walker completed his quad exercises with walking lunges using bodyweight. The knees were moved over the toes in order to increase knee flexion. Walker increased the frequency of his leg sessions from once a week to four or five times a week. This will help him continue to progress his growth. We’ll find out if Walker’s frequency of training pays off when he returns to the Olympia stage in just four months.

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