The Museum has a state of the art auditorium with seating capacity of 200 person. Facilities link large stage, podium, music and audio system, projector, curtains and high quality lighting system are available. It cab be given on rent to organization on booking.


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Welcome to The Rails Restaurant situated at National Rail Museum in New Delhi. It is an ultimate destination not only for children who loves train but also for those selected people who have aneye for heritage. This innovative restaurant inspired by the rail history in India is housed in replica Dome of the CST terminus building. The restaurant depicts the formation of Indian Railways through unification of 42 independent railway companies held by the princely states of India and British East Indian Company.

The Restaurant Victoria terminus or CST Building reminisces about the India’s first passenger train that ran between Bori Bunder to Thane in 1853. The Restaurant also replicates the Steam Engine as an object of perennial fascination and amusement for the Indian royalties of that era.

As a Birthday Gift Maharaja Pratap Singh Gaikwad of Vadodara gifted a model train to his 5 year old son, Ranjit Singh Gaikwad. The Maharaja of Gwalior had a silver model train that ran along his banquet table and was meant to serve liquors and cigars to the royal guests.

The Maharaja was immensely proud of the train that ran in every royal banquet.

The restaurant replicates this fascination for the visitors of Museum. Elegant Steam Engine chug around the restaurant and serve food at tables named after historic stations of the Indian Railway.

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The NRM Audio guide App will use for you to explore the museum. The App will run on all Smart phones and tablets and will allow you to have a complete audio visual experience in the museum. Explaining the rich history, constructional features and the role of each exhibit in carving the future of the Rail world, will make your visit memorable. It will also help you

1. Find your way around with the interactive map and “Where am I?” function.

2. Find all the information you need about the museum in general.

3. Access Apps dedicated to the museum’s special exhibits.

4. Discover the fascinating facts behind the Rail exhibits on display with commentaries.

5. Access all the information you need about the museum in general.

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