RRB Group D Salary, Pay Scale

The RRB Group D Salary falls under Level 1 of the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) structure. The Railway Recruitment Board determines the occupational description, pay scales, and wage structure for RRB Group D workers (RRB).

Annually, the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) holds the Group D Test to hire people for different positions.  The personnel of Indian Railways is being boosted by RRB’s Railway Recruitment Cell(RRC) with an announcement for 1,03,769 non-gazetted jobs. These comprise positions such as Track Maintainer, Assistant, Porter, Guard, and so on.

It is an excellent chance for federal job seekers to acquire a position with Indian Railways. Aside from the income, there are several other advantages and concessions, such as free unlimited train rides, travel expenses, healthcare for families and relatives, and so on.

RRB Group D Salary 

Indian Railways is a centralized organization, and its workers are paid and get perks following the most recent pay tribunals. According to the 7th pay commission of the federal government, which is amended regularly, the median compensation of RRB Group D jobs varies from 3 LPA to 5 LPA.

Every Group D position has a set entry-level grade pay, and the base wage for every Group D post is Rs.18000 per month. The table below contains more thorough information regarding the wage structure of RRB Group D Posts.

RRB Group D Salary Scale Band Pay Grade RRB Group D Pay Grade – Entry Level
PB-1 Rs.15600-60600 Rs.5400 Rs.21000
Rs.5700 Rs.23190
Rs.6000 Rs.25380
Rs.7200 Rs.29730
Rs.8400 Rs.34080
PB-2 Rs.29900-104400 Rs.12600 Rs.40500
Rs.13800 Rs.51420
PB-3 Rs.14400 Rs.54450
Rs.16200 Rs.63000
Rs.46800-117300 Rs.19800 Rs.76590
Rs.22800 Rs.88500
PB-5 Rs.112200-20100 Rs.26100 Rs.138300
Rs.26700 Rs.147300
Rs.30000 Rs.159000

RRB Group D 2021: Perks and Allowance

Aside from the base wage, the nicest aspect of railway work is the overhead benefits and allowance. The following are the allowances available to RRB Group-D employees:

  • Allowance for Dearness (DA)
  • Allowance for House Rent (HRA)
  • Allowance for Transportation (TA)
  • Night Duty Allowance
  • Allowance for Overtime (OTA)
  • Medical Advantages.
  • Pension Plan
  • Allowance per day (Mileage Allowance for distance covered beyond 8 km)
  • In the event of a holiday, compensation will be provided.
  • Credit for Fixed Transport
  • Allowance for Conveyance (for Railway Doctors)
  • Allowances for Extraordinary Remuneration Reasons (for employees from Tribal and Scheduled Area)
  • Railway Teachers are entitled to a unique allowance.
  • Exceptional Allowance for employees’ child care (such as academic Allowance, healthcare Benefits, and so on), as well as
  • Women with impairments are entitled to a stipend.
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Promotions and Development Prospects for RRB Group D in 2021

  • After three years of consistent service, RRB Group D personnel are eligible for promotion to Group C. This placement is predicated on internal tests, and no public notice has been issued.
  • These department tests are worth 100 points, with the Written Test accounting for 85 points and the Service Record as well as Official Conduct accounting for 15 points.
  • A minimal writing speed of 30 words a minute in English or 25 words per minute in Hindi is required for progression from Group D to Group C employees at the Ministerial level.
  • Applicants who do not pass the exam on their first try are offered another chance, etc.

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